Should you be using a water purifier?

5 minute read.

The depleting quality of drinking water has led to panic in many homes, with more and more people worrying for their health every day. Reports have started to come out showing the presence of dangerous chemicals and metals found in tap water which can be a major contributor to health issues. Whilst small doses of heavy metals and trace amounts of chemicals can be safe to drink, long term exposure to them can lead to permanent health problems which ultimately can severely impact our lives. Water purifiers have become an essential for homes who want access to germ free and clean water-something everyone needs to live a healthy life. 

Water filters work through a process of filtration, distillation and sedimentation, which ultimately leaves the water free of harmful and unwanted chemicals, dirt, contaminants, harmful deposits, and toxic gasses from impure and dirty water. 

Whilst you may be thinking bottled water may be the obvious solution to the new dirty water situation, think again. Not only does bottled water leave a massive impact on the planet- with over 7.7 Billion bottles of water being bought in the UK every year- you also don’t know the quality of the water you’re buying. Filtrating your own water is the only way to ensure it is completely free of contaminants. 


Still not convinced? Here are 6 reasons why you should install a water purifier in your home: 

Pure, clean and healthy drinking water 

The first and most important reason for owning a water purifier is that they provide safe and clean water, which is a necessity for good health. Water that has been purified will have less bacteria, fewer amounts of heavy metals, and even less chemical pollution than water straight from the tap. Pure water does not only provide amazing health benefits, but people also report that drinking purified water can lead to a more alert, healthy feeling. 

Water tastes better 

Have you ever drunk a glass of tap water and experienced a slightly bitter metallic taste? This is because water straight from the tap has trace elements of harmful chemicals and metals. Water purifiers will remove the bitter taste and leave you with a refreshing cup of clean water. 

They are easy to use 

There are other methods of purifying tap water, however using a purifier is by far the easiest and most accessible option. Unless you fancy lugging heavy bottled water home with you from the shops each week, and then having to store them in your fridge, this may be the easiest way for you to have access to clean water. 

They are inexpensive 

In the long run, owning your own purifier is a lot cheaper than other clean water alternatives. Once you buy the purifier all you have to do is change the filter once every 4-8 weeks; most large supermarkets offer own-brand purifiers and filters so you can find cheaper options. The overall cost of buying a water purifier is much cheaper than buying bottled water, which in most cases is just regular tap water run through a commercial water purifier which may not guarantee pure water. 

It's environmentally friendly 

Water purifiers are a green option for producing clean water, as they do not leak any pollutants back into the environment. The water purifier can be used for many years and the filters only have to be changed once every 4-8 weeks, which is much less taxing on the environment than the mountains of single use plastics water bottles produce. 

Reduces lime scaling 

Are you tired of having to use harsh chemicals to get rid of the limescale build up in your kitchen appliances? Using purified water will help fix that. Not only is it better for drinking, but purified water will actually cause less limescale build-up in appliances such as your coffee machine and kettle. 


Above all, pure water will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, stop you from getting ill and protect you from harmful substances found in tap water. It will also help you save money and benefit the environment by stopping the use of single use plastic- so really, why shouldn’t you be buying a water purifier?